Raheem Sterling Lowers Asking Price On £1.2m Mansion

Raheem Sterling and the mansion he can't sell

England forward Raheem Sterling has cut £300,000 from the price of the mansion he is trying to sell, as his customised residence continues to fail in attracting buyers.

The diminutive wide-man’s mammoth home in Birkdale, Merseyside, has a number of unique features including red floor-lighting in the kitchen and a ‘Michael Jackson’ room complete with minibar.

Sterling, 21, is looking to sell what Rightmove describes as a “four-bedroom detached house” for £1.2million after transferring from Liverpool to Manchester City for £49million last summer.

Raheem Sterling red floor lights kitchen
Red floor-lights in the kitchen because Red 
Raheem Sterling Michael Jackson room
Finally the monument that MJ deserves 

The player’s mansion woes thankfully do not extend to his new £3.5million abode in Cheshire, where he is happily settled.

Nobody likes to see a footballer suffer and hopefully someone will soon take the property off Raheem’s hands.

Raheem Sterling house barber shop
Just because you live in a mansion, doesn’t mean you can’t be thrifty and cut your own hair 

After all, for £1.2million you’re not just getting a mansion – there’s a gym, a swimming pool with a red ceiling,  a barber shop, a nine-seater cinema, a car park that could serve a supermarket, and half a basketball court.

Notably the red-furnished cinema is lined with Raheem’s treasured old Liverpool shirts.

Raheem Sterling home cinema
Sterling is going to leave behind his old Liverpool shirts.  How generous
Raheem Sterling in the League Cup final for Manchester City against his old club Liverpool
Sterling has been unable to prevent Man City’s dismal season, and he can’t sell his house either 

Presumably Raheem feels the shirts may be a selling point, but surely they’ll be putting off the multitude of Evertonian millionaires who would otherwise be engaging in a bidding war.

It’s a sad state of affairs when a footballer can’t get a million-pound mansion off his hands; one can’t help but feel that this wouldn’t be happening if we lived in Sol Campbell’s Britain.

Raheem Sterling house other bedroom
They’ll all have that curtain-set this time next year 
Raheem Sterling house bedroom bed zebras
Zebras have been hunted to near-extinction in Merseyside

Hope may be on the horizon, however, with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp having been promised a big transfer-market spending spree in the summer.  Perhaps one of the many newly rich Bundesliga players heading for the North West can help Raheem out of his hole.

Raheem Sterling random awful furnishings
Seems alright doesn’t it? But then you see the gargantuan silver ornament; the dog on the piano; that clock… 
Raheem Sterling half basketball court
Half a basketball court. The stuff of dreams 
Sterling injured by Mata in a tackle in the Manchester derby
Sterling is currently spending a lot of time in his new home, as he is out injured 

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