Man Utd & Arsenal Fighting For 4th

In his regular BBC Sport column, Robbie Savage looks at why Arsenal and Manchester United’s meeting on Saturday is not the title-decider it once was. He also responds to the results of BBC Sport’s State of the Game study that shows the restricted playing time for British players in the Premier League this season.

In recent seasons, when Manchester United were about to play Arsenal we would be talking about how it is a huge game in terms of deciding the title.

That is no longer the case – United’s trip to Emirates Stadium on Saturday is more likely to help decide who finishes in fourth place than first.

Savage on Danny Welbeck:

“It would not surprise me if Welbeck got the decisive goal in a game that I expect Arsenal to win.”

The sad fact for both clubs is that we are only in November and neither of them can have any realistic hopes of winning the Premier League.

They have something else in common in that going forward they are brilliant, but defensively they are miles off the standard required to be champions.

When you consider what such fantastic managers Arsene Wenger and Louis van Gaal are, then it is amazing that they have failed so badly to get the balance they need in their teams.

I have picked a combined team from both sides, based on current form and also who is fit. But it was incredibly hard to make a selection, because between them they have plenty of brilliant forward-thinking players but a real shortage of quality defensive-minded ones.

Robbie Savage's combined Arsenal and Man Utd XI



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