Eto’o Annoyed At Mourinho

Naturally he won’t like it but his tongue is tied for obvious reasons. Although the striker hasn’t spoken to the press about it but Claude Le Roy, former Cameroon coach who contacted him revealed that he was really angry.

“I had him on the phone just before I came on screen, and he’s very annoyed. Actually, Mourinho went to see him before he saw the pictures and told him to not believe everything that was going to be said. And that he had said nothing about him. But I can tell you that Samuel didn’t like it.”

But the Chelsea boss insists their relationship won’t be severed. ” First of all because I don’t make fun. Secondly, because if there are managers in the world who really defend their players, I’m obviously one of them. And thirdly because Samuel Eto’o is Samuel Eto’o. He’s four times a Champions League winner: people think three times, but one in Real Madrid, two in Barcelona and one with Inter.”


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