History >>> The Best Ever Paid Player In Man-United Is ………


Manchester United’s dream to keep England striker, Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford has finally materialized. He has just penned a new five-and-a-half-year, £300,000-a-week deal at Old Trafford, thus making him the best paid player in the history of Manchester United.

“I’m happy that everything is now finalised and I can carry on concentrating on my football.” The 29 year-old stated.

Manchester United boss, David Moyes was quoted thus on the club’s official website: “Wayne has been the best player in England since I put him into the Everton first team in 2003. Since becoming United manager in July last year, I have enjoyed working with him and seeing just how he has developed his incredible talent.

He continued, “With his ability, his experience and his desire to succeed, he is a vital part of my plans for the future and I’m absolutely thrilled he has accepted the challenge. I said last July that Wayne has an outstanding chance to be a true legend of this club’s long and rich history.

He is just 42 goals away from overtaking Sir Bobby our record goalscorer and becoming the first United player to hit 250 goals for the club. These opportunities only come to special players and I’m confident Wayne will set a new record that will take decades to reach.”

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