Ronaldo’s red card saga during Real Madrid’s game against Athletic Bilbao yesterday evening is far from being over. Infact, it’s one of the most talked about football stories this week. Of course, it’s the current Ballon d’Or award recipient we are talking about here. Speaking to reporters about the incident; Xabi Alonso, Real midfielder said although the referee’s decision was uncalled for, the Portuguese should have controlled his temper.

“Cristiano shouldn’t have done what he did but it was not a sending-off. It was not aggression, Cristiano’s red was exaggerated, Gurpegui made the most of it. The crowd influenced the referee throughout the match. This always happens, it’s nothing new.”

Ronaldo has now received 8 red cards in his career. 4 red cards while playing for Man United, 4 while playing for Real Madrid and none for Portugal. Meanwhile, The Spanish Football Discipline Committee will meet on Wednesday morning to decide whether he is to be punished.



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