Diabolical Transfer Window Underlines Our Hideous Lack Of Ambition

The sale of our best player midway through the season is just another in a series of serious slaps to the faces of the Newcastle faithful…

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Newcastle: Cabaye Sale’s The Last Straw As Ashley Sucks Life Out Of Our Club

It’s been another one of those weeks on Tyneside. The sort of infuriating, agonising and depressing weeks that has now become commonplace under Mike Ashley’s stewardship.

This week Newcastle once again cashed in their chips on one of their star players and banked a fortune. Like James Milner, Shay Given, Andy Carroll and Demba Ba before him, Yohan Cabaye was flogged off for huge profits as Mr Ashley cemented Newcastle’s position as the Premier League’s number one selling club.

If anyone was under any doubt regarding the current regime’s ambition for Newcastle United, let’s be crystal clear here – there is NONE. Newcastle United have no interest in winning trophies, Newcastle United have no interest in competing for European places at the top of the league, Newcastle United have no interest in keeping their best players and building a team around them.

Newcastle’s only interest is securing a place in the top ten of the Premier League and skimming all the financial rewards that come with this finish.

The club have openly admitted to having no interest in the cup competitions; they are deemed an unnecessary distraction from the primary objective of securing a top ten place. By the same token, Newcastle are also wary of doing too well and ending up in the Europa League again. The competition bears little financial reward, and as we all saw last season, it can do heavy damage to the league campaign.

This season Newcastle are pretty much having the perfect season as far as the owner is concerned. The club are currently sitting comfortably in eighth place, no danger of relegation, no Europa League, out of both pesky cup competitions nice and early, and now have £20m banked for Cabaye.  Hell, in his eyes the team are so comfortable he probably doesn’t even need to spend any of the money on replacing him.

Under Ashley, Newcastle United has become a glorified version of one of the owner’s tacky shops. Rather than supplying the masses with Reebok Classics and trackie bottoms however, we supply Champions League teams with quality players. “In the market for a new centre forward Mr Chelsea? How about a lovely Demba Ba?” ”In need of a classy midfield playmaker Monsieur Saint-Germain?? I’ve got just the thing!”

Europe is scoured for the best unearthed gems that the continent has to offer. They are then acquired for the cheapest possible fee (ideally with only 6/12 months left on their contracts) and are then allowed to flourish in the Premier League.  It’s at this point where the lines get a little blurred. Many seem to foolishly think that the objective here is to create a competitive team at Newcastle – it is not. It’s to create a half-decent side and then sell on the best players on for huge profits.


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