Togolese international, Emmanuel Adebayor told The Sun the criticisms he was subjected to by his family and friends when his career spiralled downwards during Tottenham boss, Andre Villas-Boas’ reign. The dark-skinned striker was ordered to train with the reserves after his refusal to leave Tottenham during the summer.

The whole story changed after AVB was relieved of his job and a new manager, Tim Sherwood resumed. Not only did he get more playing chances, he also made it to the scoring sheets; netting a total of five goals in his six Premier League games.

“I was right at the bottom of the hole. Even people in my own country, people from my own family, criticised me. It can’t get worse than that. They said, ‘You’re rubbish and whatever you did before in your career was luck.’ But the new coach [Sherwood] trusted me. He gave me the keys to all the doors of the club and said, ‘Do what you want to do and make yourself at home’.”



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