Arsenal’s Cazorla’s new message to Tottenham







Santi Cazorla has apologised on Twitter and claimed innocence for his part in a photo prank mocking rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

Grinning away, Santi Cazorla seems like he is in on the joke – but he has this evening apologised to Arsenal’s rivals Tottenham and claimed innocence.

The photo taken in Paris at the weekend, where Cazorla and Robert Pires were appearing on French televisioncaused much outcry from Spurs fans who claimed holding up the expletive message was a real lack of class from the Spaniard.

So he has this evening attempted to down play the incident via his Twitter account:


If you were to buy his apology – then perhaps he’ll check next time, but the damage to the already rock bottom relations between Spurs and Arsenal fans is already done.

What do you make of Cazorla’s apology?


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