Seems Chelsea owner, Abrahimovic’s tradition of sacking players is about to stop or probably be suspended. The Blues’ current Manager, Jose Mourinho has committed his future to Stamford Bridge. In an interview conducted by the London Evening Standard newspaper, the Portuguese said he will only leave if the club decides to send him off.

“I’m not here thinking about my next move because I don’t want to have a next move. I will have a next move if and when Chelsea decides it’s time for that.
I’m here to stay. I belong to Chelsea, Chelsea belong to me. I gave a lot to Chelsea in the past but they also gave a lot to me.” He stated.

The ex Madrid boss who was in charge of the club from 2004 to 2007 helped Chelsea win their first Premier League title (and back-back) one FA Cup and two League Cup triumphs. He left Spanish club, Real Madrid for Chelsea last year.

“The success I had in my career gave me the possibility to choose my destiny. When I made the decision I didn’t know if Chelsea would be available and if the door would be open but when it did, the picture was perfect for me.” He concluded.





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